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I am a Morning person

It's 5.30 a.m., again. The third that day I can't sleep very well, have a nightmare and wake up so early. Does sometimes some of you have the same problem? What do you do to make it better? I ask myself "am I stressed?" no, "am I hungry?" no, "am I crazy - nobody wakes up at 5.30 at the weekend!"... Then I realized that the new mattress in my bed could be the reason. Also, I have ordered a new book by Garance Dore (who I adore) and I am so excited I can't wait for the book to be delivered that I can't sleep!

Even though it’s really early, I am definitely a morning person. Actually it's 5.45 a.m., I am turning on a light, taking a book and browsing through Instagram, hoping I won't be tired during the day. Unfortunately, it´s dark and cold outside so I can´t even go for a run as in the summer days. Tell me, what are you doing early like that in winter?

There are so many reasons to be happy about that we don’t see. Let´s find it!

Have a lovely weekend!


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